Corporate Partners

Together we can help high potential individuals build a future in data analytics.

Helping high potential individuals build a future in data analytics.

The Goal

By lowering the barrier to entry for those interested in the marketing analytics field, we can build a stronger and deeper pool of talent for employers.

Our Corporate Partners want to give back to their communities and be a part of developing this larger pool of marketing analytics talent. They recognize the value in teaching, mentoring and coming alongside talent to help lay the foundation for a successful career.

Corporate Partners offer students paid apprenticeships where they can apply their classroom knowledge to solve real world challenges while building their portfolio.

Our Corporate Partners

You can help students by:

  • Paying the Academy an hourly rate. It is structured like a contracting role with a low profit margin to allow students to earn income while contributing to the cost of training.
  • Overseeing each Apprentice while providing clear expectations and guidance
    Provide specific tools and resources (computer, software, subscriptions to tools/services, etc.) as needed for each apprentice to complete their work.
  • Committing to providing Apprentices with real hands on-work and problems to solve for no less than 6 weeks at 40 hours per week.
  • Providing direct oversight through one consistent manager or point of contact.
  • Choosing to hire the apprentices if opportunity is available to do so.

Does your company or team want to join the adventure?

We would love to work with you! All Corporate Partners have the opportunity to give back by helping a new marketing analytics professional get their start. There is no requirement to hire an apprentice.