Career Coaching

We don’t just teach you analytics, we also teach you how to get a job!

Helping high potential individuals build a future in data analytics.

We Put Right Pieces Together

There is a strategy and process to get the best results.

Education is the first part of the process. Demonstrating ability is the second part. We help students build a great resume, create a LinkedIn profile, develop a portfolio, work through job applications, and more. We support our students through the full job search process. 

We are in this together and we want to see our students succeed!

We can’t get the job for our students, but we can make sure they have all the tools necessary to make a good first impression. Job searching isn’t easy. That’s where our partners at TalentID Group can help!

TalentID Group has been in the staffing, recruiting, digital marketing and emerging technology industries for 20+ years. They know what it takes to propel your career forward and demonstrate your abilities so you can land your first job out of the Academy.

We support students through:

  • Resume development
  • LinkedIn profile development
  • Job search strategy
  • Interview preparation
  • Network development strategy
  • Negotiation tips

We’ve got you covered!

We have all the tools and resources to help you impress the hiring managers, nail the questions, and get the job!