TalentID Academy

Helping high potential individuals build a future in data analytics.

Helping high potential individuals build a future in data analytics.

Our Story

Jen Wells and Bill Balderaz are successful entrepreneurs based in the growing  area of Columbus, Ohio. They have hired and trained teams and they have worked heavily in the digital marketing, analytics and emerging technology space for the last 20+ years.

They understand that with the right design, The Academy can provide a new future and path forward for all students who go through the program.

Jen Wells

President, TalentID Group

Jen Wells is the President and owner of TalentID Group, a staffing, placement and consulting firm in the digital marketing and emerging technology space!

Bill Balderaz

President and Founder, Futurety

Bill Balderaz is the owner of Futurety, a data analytics and online communications strategy firm working across industries with companies of all sizes.

Understanding the Future of Analytics

They recognized a growing gap in analytics talent making it hard for teams and companies to hire the needed talent to help inform their business and marketing decisions. They learned that some people don’t know enough about analytics and often times, the barrier to entry is too high. They decided they could narrow the growing talent gap by building a new training program available to all who have potential to success in analytics.

The Academy is also committed to giving back to their communities to support STEAM programs and by offering scholarships to those in need.

Join The Academy!

You can make a difference whether you are a student, mentor or corporate partner. We are all working together to learn, grow and increase the available talent in the data analytics space.