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Join Us In Reaching Out to Your State Legislators to Ask Them to Include IMAP in the FY22-23 Budget

Step 1: Find your legislators by address:

Step 2: Navigate to each legislator’s site  and go to their contact page. 

Step 3: Enter your contact information and copy and paste the information below for the subject and message:


IMAP included in the FY22-23 TechCred provision of the Budget


It was just brought to my attention that the Individual Micro-credential Assistance Program, or IMAP, is set to expire at the end of the current fiscal year because it is not in the budget for FY22-23. 

It should be included in the TechCred line item of $25M per fiscal year ($50M total) in order to train and develop the needed tech talent here in Ohio. IMAP is an opportunity for Ohioans who are low income, partially unemployed, or totally unemployed to access training at no cost through the program. 

This program reimburses training providers up to $3,000 for each completed technology-focused credential issued, up to $250,000 per provider. Eleven training providers, including community colleges, universities, Ohio technical centers, private providers, and nonprofits, have received awards through IMAP.

These training providers offer training for 54 different short-term, industry-recognized, and technology-focused credentials to help upskill Ohioans for the increasingly tech-infused economy and hopefully provide opportunities for even more providers to offer the training needed to developer a larger tech talent pool here in Ohio. Location is not a barrier for these programs as 37 of the credentials can be completed 100% online.

Please consider including this in the TechCred provision of the budget. The growth of Ohio’s tech talent depends on it.